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Immune System Boosters

The human body has its own defense mechanism to fight disease-causing pathogens and prevent illnesses. This mechanism comprises cells, tissues, organs, and cell products, like antibodies, which are collectively known as the immune system of the body. This system identifies disease-causing microbes, and destroys them to protect the body from their attack. A strong immune system can perform all these… Read more »

Immune System Facts

Did You Know? One of the early descriptions of immunological memory dates back to the fifth century BC, when Thucydides published in his book ‘History of the Peloponnesian War’, an observation, that soldiers who had recovered from a disease were the best nurses for the freshly affected soldiers, because the recovered soldiers never caught the same disease twice, and if… Read more »

Cell-mediated Immunity Vs. Humoral Immunity

Did You Know? Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) is a specific marker that sticks out on the membrane of every cell in the human body; this marker indicates that the cell belongs to the body. This helps the immune system identify the pathogen or foreign invader. A healthy immune system is essential for our survival, as we are constantly exposed to… Read more »

Cytokines: Function, Structure, and Properties

Cytokines refer to a large group of cell-signaling molecules that essentially consists of proteins, peptides, and glycoproteins. They either have short or long chain structures. They are primarily released by immune system cells in order to initiate cell-to-cell interaction in order to generate an immune response. For instance, when white blood cells come in contact with pathogens they immediately release… Read more »